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We're so excited to introduce our latest Semi Off-Road Gumnut H1 Adventure Pod Camper.

Light Weight Towing

For those seeking light weight towing with enhanced design elements and sort after comforts and accessories, the Gumnut H1 Adventure Pod gets the job done.

You and your Gumnut H1 Adventure Pod will go further and stay longer!

Gumnut campers make off-grid camping accessible for those with smaller SUV's and AWD vehicle's such as Subaru Outback, Nissan X-Trail & Toyota Rav 4 just to name a few. As these popular cars are generally more than capable of exploring the country side and also offer the convenience as a daily driver. This latest edition also looks great behind stronger 4x4's and Utes in this featured matte black skin, aggressive wheel arches and wider All Terrain tyres.

Weighing in at only 620Kg Tare, 120Kg Ball and an ATM of 1000Kg Braked, the new H1 Adventure is light and super easy to tow, cutting down fuel costs with its aerodynamic shape and narrow body profile.

Still remaining a small pod camper it has less tendency to sways on the road and travels smooth with its extended draw bar length and further set back axle.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to camping we like to keep things simple. You want to get away from life's complexities and see the real Australia.

(Photo: A cosy cabin space, generous outdoor kitchen and shade)

But "simple" doesn't mean you can't have your creature comforts.

Look at all the inclusions on your Gumnut H1 Adventure Pod:

  • 12V battery system for Lights, Fridge and charging your phone.

  • Large onboard Water tank, electric pump and modern stylish tapware.

  • Lockable crim mesh doors for security, ventilation and bugs.

  • Storage cupboards inside and out even storage on the roof.

  • Insulated construction, thick soft foam mattress, durable locks and seals

  • All terrain tyres and robust heavy duty leaf suspension

  • Gas bottle ring, Jerry can holder, Side scrub bars, Hitch receiver and more.

Personalising Your Camper

Even with so many inclusions and your choice of TOURING & ADVENTURE campers there is still room to add personal touches to align with your values such as:

  • External hot water shower systems

  • Lithium power upgrades

  • Custom cabinetry

  • External expression of colour to make your camper look and feel more you.

The H1 Adventure camper is essentially an upgraded version of the road going TOURING edition with added strength and components to go further and stay longer.

Designed for Semi Off-Road dirt & gravel roads the ADVENTURE includes features such as stronger 4x2" chassis thickness, extended A frame with 4.5kg gas bottle ring, 15" LT tyres ( 205/70R15 ) M+S tread, heavy duty leaf spring suspension, side scrub bars, external tap outlet & external jerry can carrier just to name a few.

And yes! You can even fit a Webber Q in the front box.

Our Gumnut H1 campers are "Proudly made right here in Victoria!"

Choosing a Gumnut H1 camper supports Aussie manufactures and suppliers and helps support our team strive for great quality products and customer service.

To learn more about this camper and other models click here

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep an eye out for more updates coming in the near future.!


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