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Our background Story

The Gumnut Camper name was re-inspired after being a Local Geelong business producing camper trailers over a decade ago. We found the name fitting to our Teardrop and Pod campers in shape and design but also having roots into the Geelong and surf coast community ourselves. 

Having a passion for camping, the teardrop camper design suited us well as my wife and I explored some of the amazing camp sites Victoria has to offer. Upgrading from a tent, but still wanting to keep the true camp lifestyle simple, we re-vamped the romantic notion of the classic teardrop camper. With our love for Australiana and enjoying the outdoors, this style of camper was just ideal.

Early productions of the Gumnut camper were imported from overseas, and although offered great  quality and gaining popularity, The decision was inevitable to become a fully Australian made Camper. Our factory based in Melbourne Victoria offers quality and durability while still giving a boutique experience to our beloved Teardrop & Pod campers.

Ideal for quick decision weekends away, or expeditions into the bush the Gumnut Teardrop camper is light weight suitable to most smaller vehicles to hitch onto, small and nimble enough making towing and backing up a breeze,  and is no hassle in setting up a comfortable campsite complete with generous kitchen, Awning shelter and cosy sleeping cubby. What more do you need!

Get out an explore what this beautiful country has to offer in a Gumnut teardrop camper, we did :)

We are a local small business driving a passion project to success, but would have never made it this far with out the support and inspiring clients we meet each week who share the common interest and love for our campers. I thank the patience of these people as we have been working through the hurdles of the past few years in effort to deliver what we think is the perfect camper on the market.

Follow our social media accounts for our latest adventures and camper release updates and caravan show events. Read more about our own campsite reviews and live the journeys through our blog posts.

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