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Looking for Teardrop Pod campers in Australia?


Discover the perfect pod caravans in Australia for an unforgettable adventure in the Australian Outback. Our Gumdrop Touring pod camper offers simplicity, comfort, and boundless exploration.


Ideal for couples or solo travelers, the Gumnut Touring pod camper provides a hassle-free camping experience with its easy setup and cozy sleeping cabin.


With its compact design, the Gumnut Touring teardrop camper trailer is a stress-free towing option that allows you to effortlessly explore Australia. Equipped with an off-grid battery system, 55-litre water tank, lockable doors, and insulated construction, this camper ensures both convenience and comfort.


Fall in love with the joy of camping all over again. Choose our pod caravans and embark on an incredible journey through Australia's stunning landscapes.

Pod Camper Gumnut Touring

    •  Tare: 500kg

    • Ball: 60kg

    • ATM: 750kg

    • Extended drawbar, side scrub protection, jerrycan holder, 435kg gas ring, heavy-duty leaf suspension

    • Battery: 100 A/HR AGM + BMPro 240V charger and Anderson

    • POWER: 12V sockets + USB ports (internal, external and kitchen)

    • Lighting: Dimmable interior (LED + outdoor white/orange LED)

    • Water: Electric water pump + 55l water tank

    • Security: 2 x Aussie Traveller Crim mesh lockable doors 

    • Bed: 1 930mm x 1 310mm mattress/100mm high-density foam

    • Wheels: 14-inch LT tyres + spare wheel included/side mount rear stabiliser legs

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