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The Ultimate Off-Road Pod Camper

TARE 900kg ATM 1200kg Ball 169kg


New!  Full off road Pod camper with IRONMAN independent coil spring suspension.

Larger Queen bed cabin and massive rear tail gate kitchen area.

Large slide out front tool box. explore the outback like never before with the Ultimate Off-Road Teardrop Camper! H1 RENEGADE can handle unsealed outback roads and tracks, this light off-road camper combines functionality, comfort, and practicality.


Introducing the Gumnut Renegade—the epitome of light off-road excellence. Its sleek design and light body construction make it a standout choice for adventurers seeking a teardrop camper in Australia. With its zero setup appeal, you can hit the road effortlessly and immerse yourself in nature's wonders.


But don't let its compact size fool you! The Gumnut Adventure is equipped with a luxury Queen bed cabin, a massive kitchen space, an off-grid battery system, and a 90L water tank. Plus, with its durable but light weight construction paired with Crim mesh lockable doors, you'll feel safe and secure wherever your journey takes you.


Unleash the explorer within and tackle any terrain with ease. The Gumnut Adventure boasts increased ground clearance, heavy-duty leaf suspension, and an extended drawbar, ensuring a smooth ride even in the wildest landscapes. It's the perfect companion for smaller 4x4 vehicles, offering stress-free towing and the freedom to chase your outdoor dreams.


Ditch the cumbersome setups and heavy equipment. Experience the freedom of off-road travel with the Gumnut Adventure Teardrop Camper—a lightweight marvel that takes you deep into the bush, far into the outback, and closer to Australia's breathtaking coastline. Get ready for unforgettable adventures and create lasting memories. Your journey starts here!


    • Tare: 900kg
    • Ball: 169kg
    • ATM: 1250kg
    • Extended drawbar, side scrub protection, jerrycan holder, 4.5kg gas ring,
    • IRONMAN independent coil spring suspension
    • DO35 hitch
    • Electric brakes
    • Battery: 100 A/HR AGM + powertech 240V charger and Anderson
    • POWER: 12 V sockets + USB ports (internal, external and kitchen)
    • Lighting: Dimmable interior (LED + outdoor white/orange LED)
    • Water: Electric water pump + 90ltr water tank
    • Security: 2 x Aussie Traveller Crim mesh lockable doors 
    • Bed: 2100 mm x 1520 mm mattress/100 mm high-density foam
    • Wheels: 15-inch Mud tyres + spare wheel included/side mount rear stabiliser legs

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