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Don't leave the bikes at home, enjoy them at the camp site. What better way to get around the campground and local towns than on bike. The Wild Boar forward tiliting bike rack features aluminium construction, powder coated for extra durability and quality finish. 

Light weight was a focus and the 2 bike rack with offset forward tilting mechanism is only 23kg. the V shaped tyre channels offer a universal fitment to all shapes and sizes of bike, including fat tyres and e-bikes. Simply remove the pin to tilt forward and gain access to tool boxes. Easy straps secure wheels and lower arm to hold everything in place. 


Front mounting just travels better!

Suitable for most campers and caravans.


note.  you must calculate and factor in the total combined weight of both your camper and tow vehicles capacity when adding bikes to your camper.


Pricing includes supply / bracket modification & fitment / PICK UP ONLY.

BIKE RACK Camper / Caravan


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